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Our Story,


We would like to not think of our business as another one of those typical dating apps, since this is not the only service we aim to provide.
All of this started with three key observations: that going out is expensive, advertising for great businesses is lacking, and many people are very nervous to step out of their shells. 

This gave birth to the The Wave interface that awards members great deals from local businesses and flash rewards that can  be triggered throughout the night. 

How many times have you been in a bar and really regretted not taking the time to walk up and introduce yourself to someone new? Our app seamlessly tackles this issue by logging users that have been in the same general area as one another for at least ten minutes. These people are then revealed to users 12 hours later and the option to send a wave is then available, creating a second chance atmosphere to make a first impression. Plot twist: females can take the initiative and send male users waves anytime creating a playful dynamic and allowing instant connection. This, coupled with our extensive security features, makes us a must have install.

Remember, even if the dating scene is not for you, we offer many great deals to our members .

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Our Core Values


Get You Out

We pride ourselves in delivering a unique platform that incentivizes our users to get out of the house.


Give You A Second Chance

Our application utilizes a geocaching feature that securely allows next day interaction with people that were around you the night before.


Save You Money

Clients choosing to subscribe to our membership get instant access to many perks from local businesses. This can lead to hundreds of dollars in savings every month.

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What we have to offer

We Promote Local Businesses

Since one of our main values is getting more people out and into their city, we strive to foster close relationships with local establishments.  

Our Dating Platform Is Like No Other

Our unique interface utilizes geocaching and geo-fencing like no other dating application on the market. 

Security Is Key

Security is always on our mind: all profiles must be Facebook validated, no last names are ever displayed, and our robust security features eliminate the occurrence of bot and  bait accounts.

No Such Thing As Second Chances?

Our geocaching feature stores everyone who is around you in a certain location. This can then be seen 12 hours later where users can send one another a wave, opening the door to second chances on un-seized opportunities. 

Ladies Can Make The First Move

Although male users have to wait 12 hours before sending a wave to a female user from the same prior  location, females can get the ball rolling instantly by send waves to men around them without waiting.

Best Of All...Get Free Stuff

When users opt into our membership plan they can save on entry to clubs, drinks, meals, and even special perks from venues.

Current Members Perks

All perks and services are at the discretion of the business that provide them. We take no responsibility in administering these Items.